Senior Instructor Prep Day

1 day

Age 18+

​In conjunction with RYA Scotland this preparation day is designed to help Senior Instructor candidates prepare for their Senior Instructor course. A great opportunity to work with a Coach Assessor on all aspects that are covered on the SI course but without the pressure!

Also a good opportunity for equipment, centre and other candidate familiarisation. This course is subsidised by RYA Scotland to make it as accessible as possible. Those who have attended preparation day in the past have been unanimous in their comments that it was very beneficial in their progression to becoming a Senior Instructor.

A First Aid course is scheduled for 22nd March which may also be useful for those considering Senior Instructor course.

Equipment and Kit Information

Senior Instructor Prep Day - Kit Info

There are a wide range of Instructor courses across our disciplines.

The centre will provide the dinghies, windsurfs, powerboats, yachts and indoor teaching areas required for you to perform the practical elements of the course. Pre requisites for the courses are displayed at the bottom of the Instructor Training section of the website Instructor Training

Getting wet is unavoidable on many of these courses so we will make sure you have the correct gear. A wetsuit, wetsuit boots, buoyancy aid and waterproof top is available for your use and can be dried overnight ready for the next day’s action. In addition we would request you bring garments such as swim wear, woolly hat and warm socks. Hot showers are available in the changing areas and accommodation areas so bring a towel.

For shore based courses we aim to provide the required tools and if anything specific for you to bring this will be discussed at time of booking.

Daily Schedule

Senior Instructor Prep Day - Schedule

On arrival check in at our reception which is situated in the main entrance. You will be asked to complete a form with course and emergency contact details. A room key will be issued for residential guests and a brief outline of centre facilities indicated.

Main timings of our day are:

Meals times. Breakfast: 0830hrs Lunch: 1230hrs Dinner: 1800hrs

All meals are served in the dining area.

Activity times. Your activity will run from 0930 – 1630hrs. Your instructors will guide you with clothing, activity and the content of the sessions.

Evenings are generally free time unless your course has specific tutelage incorporated or activities have been pre arranged.

If you are on a single day course the 0915hrs ferry from Largs to Cumbrae will get you here in sufficient time.


Booking Options

Date Price Quantity
21 Mar 20 - 21 Mar 20 £15


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Need more Accommodation? B&B £31