British Canoeing Sea Kayak Coach Training

2 days

Age 16+

The Coach Awards are designed for people who wish to coach paddlers who want to gain/improve paddlesport skills within a chosen discipline. This may include, for example, technical/tactical skill development, physical/psychological development, or helping people develop the skills so they can paddle safely without the need for a coach.The coach is able to plan, deliver and review progressive sessions safely, effectively and independently.

Coaches within sea kayak (moderate water) award are able to coach the discipline specific foundation skills and help people to develop their skills in defined environments, taking into account the technical, tactical, physiological and psychological elements of performance. They will also be able to coach discipline specific foundation and introductory flat-water skills.

Their repertoire should include the coaching skills to develop discipline and environment specific techniques and tactics relevant to:

The syllabus is based on the knowledge, understanding and skills that the coaches need to ensure the athletes/learners in their care are appropriately provided for. This includes:


Candidates will need good knowledge of the discipline(s) they wish to coach as this provides the content of WHAT you will be coaching. Prior to training, boat-based coaches should ensure that their personal skills (and leadership skills) are well practiced. This allows them to focus on developing their ‘coaching’, rather than their ‘paddling’.

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