VHF Certificate Incl GMDSS

1 day

Age 16+

    The RYA has reviewed this course and there are now two options for you. The prices shown are Cumbrae costs. In addition you need to pay a further £60 to RYA for the examination and this can be done online before booking with us, see details below.

Option 1: This includes an online E-Learning module pack which includes course manual, followed by a morning examination at Cumbrae. The dates for taking this exam are as displayed. Online payment to RYA beforehand - details here.

Option 2: This includes online E-Learning module pack, which includes course manual, a morning classroom training session from one of our Instructors using the vhf radio sets and then an examination in the afternoon. Dates as listed under option 1. Online payment to RYA beforehand.

This allows people to prepare using the RYA interactive system in their own time. The option for a morning session at the Centre is ideal for those wanting clarification from a professional instructor and consolidation of their learning prior to the exam. It also allows practice on the Vhf sets that will be used during the examination.The RYA has produced a new taster video that can be viewed here

Once you have paid the RYA for your examination you can then book with us here at the dates listed.

Equipment and Kit Information
Daily Schedule

Booking Options

​Option 1 £70 plus exam fee payable to RYA

Option 2 £115 (includes lunch) plus exam fee payable to RYA

No places left? We strive to offer additional places on our courses.

Please call 01475 530757 for more information.

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