RYA Shorebased Navigation Instructor

2 days

Age 18+

This instructors course is a blend of assessing the candidate’s knowledge, instructing ability and ensuring the structure and standard required of the course is understood. A 2 day course primarily for those who are new to teaching the RYA Shorebased courses although experienced instructors are also welcome to attend.

Due to the short time available on this course, there is limited opportunity to develop a candidate's teaching technique or to fill any gaps in knowledge. As such, this instructors course is a blend of assessing the candidate's knowledge, instructing ability and ensuring the structure and standard required of the course is understood. Candidates must therefore ensure they have sufficient underpinning knowledge prior to attending this course/assessment.

Pre-requisites and experience for this course

An effective instructor must have credibility with students and a genuine interest and engagement with the subject is essential. Questions from students will often stray outside the core syllabus or be concerned with seeking advice about equipment or situations. Without enthusiasm and a depth of knowledge far above the RYA syllabus, this credibility could easily be lost. It is difficult to quantify in writing exactly what this means but without extensive practical experience of the subject, candidates are unlikely to be successful on this instructor course.

Equipment and Kit Information

RYA Shorebased Navigation Instructor - Kit Info

The Centre is confident it can provide what you need for your shorebased course. Paper and pens will always be readily available but again some prefer to bring their own notepads and files. We have lecture rooms with Smartboards and a range of teaching tools to assist with your course.

Daily Schedule

RYA Shorebased Navigation Instructor - Schedule

On arrival check in at our reception which is situated in the main entrance. You will be asked to complete a form with course and emergency contact details. A room key will be issued for residential guests and a brief outline of Centre facilities indicated.

Main timings of our day are:

Meals times. Breakfast: 0830hrs Lunch: 1230hrs Dinner: 1800hrs

All meals are served in the dining area.

Activity times. Your activity will run from 0930 – 1630hrs. Your instructors will guide you with clothing, activity and the content of the sessions.

Evenings will have some free time and there will be fun activities organised by our staff.

If you are a non-residential guest on these courses, you can meet us at the yacht haven or travel on the ferry if coming from the mainland. Discuss this at time of booking.


Due to the current COVID-19 situation we are not taking any course bookings at the moment. If you have any questions in the meantime please contact cumbraecentre@sportscotland.org.uk

Booking Options

Course must be booked via the RYA online process.

Course dates:

3-4 December 2020 (please note - this course will take place at sportscotland National Centre Inverclyde, Largs)
Cost: £292

Lunch included both days.

If requiring accommodation at training centre, please call 01475 530757 to book.

Bed & Breakfast £31.00/night. Evening meal £11.50

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