RYA Diesel Engine Instructor

1 day

Age 20+

This one day course is for all those wishing to instruct the RYA Diesel engine course. Candidates should have a good knowledge of the operation and maintenance of marine diesel engines - those who come from an automotive background should be familiar with both direct and indirect marine cooling systems and salt water filtration.

It is compulsory for RYA instructors to be a RYA member.

The course will go through planning and standards that are required in achieving the course. You will also be expected to give a short 10min presentation on which you will be assessed on teaching styles and your own knowledge of the subject.

The syllabus that you will be teaching will include Direct cooling, Indirect cooling, 4 stroke cycle (suck, squeeze, bang, and blow), Air system, and fuel system is ousting others.

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Course must be booked via the RYA online process, please click here

Cost £167.50

Course Dates: 24 March 2019

If requiring accommodation please call 01475 530757

Bed & Breakfast £31.00. Evening Meal £11.25.

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