PYT Module 2

8 weeks

Age 18+

Module 2 (8 weeks). This second module is aimed at experienced Day Skipper level students looking at taking the next steps. This module launches into the theory and practical aspects of the RYA Yachtmaster syllabus and RYA Coastal Skipper practical course. We include a range of RYA shorebased courses and you get to spend some time with sailmakers, riggers and our own maintenance staff covering basic yacht maintenance. Crucially within this module we aim to build your sea miles with some extensive yacht cruising, providing experience and knowledge to a stage towards the end of the module where you will be sailing independently. The self-sail aspect towards the end of this module is where the significance of the role and the full responsibilities of a yacht skipper sink in as you embark on 60 mile offshore passages – without an instructor on-board. While this may sound initially daunting you will be well prepared throughout this module for the challenge and like many before you find this a rewarding experience.

Combined with non-certificated sail training and mile building experiences, self-sails and qualifying passages this module includes the following RYA courses;

Module 2 is the second of three steps in a bigger Professional Yachtmaster Training course. It will build on existing skills setting candidates well on the way towards the Yachtmaster level without the pressure of final exams. The final Module 3 aims to complete RYA Yachtmaster qualification the highest level of award within the scheme with a worldwide reputation.

If the modules are done separately some sailing experience will be needed between them. Our Instructors will be happy to discuss this with you to ensure your sailing experience meets the minimum sea-time requirements for any RYA qualifications or examinations.

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For module 2 timetable (courses & dates) please contact the office on 01475 530757.

12 April - 5 June Course 1 module 2

13 September - 31 October Course 2 module 2

Date Price Quantity
12 Apr 20 - 05 Jun 20 £4,983
13 Sep 20 - 31 Oct 20 £4,983