Discover Sea Kayaking

1 day

Age 16+

This course is designed to whet your appetite for the sport as well as act as a springboard onto our longer courses. Our coaches are passionate about sea kayaking and the environment in which they paddle and they hope to pass on some of this passion during this introductory day. Our hope is you leave with a heightened interest and motivation for sea kayaking and are keen and able to access some of our longer courses.

We spend the start of the day on dry land discussing sea kayak design and the pros and cons of certain designs. We then fit out the kayaks to your specific size and demonstrate how to control the sea kayak and use the paddle. Then it's onto the water when we will head out on a short trip. We will coach on the move, introducing top tips on how to control and manoeuvre your sea kayak.

During the day we may introduce you to the holistic elements of sea kayaking including its history, journeying, technical understanding of the fundamentals as well as related topics including tides, tidal predictions & weather forecasting and how these effect the sea kayak.

Course pre-requisites

This one day Discover Sea Kayaking course is designed for complete beginners and no pre-course experience is necessary.

Equipment and Kit Information

Discover Sea Kayaking - Kit Info

Paddlesports has been voted the fastest growing water-sport in the UK for the 4th year running and we are proud at sportscotland Cumbrae to be at the heart of these developments. The centre is in a perfect location for Sea Kayaking and we have a wide range of modern boats from some the UK’s leading manufactures P&H & Werner Paddles.

Getting wet is unavoidable so we will make sure you have the correct gear. Peak UK wet-suits, wet-suit boots, buoyancy aids, spray decks and cag tops are available for your use and can be dried overnight ready for the next day’s action. You are of course welcome to use any of your own equipment, just run this past your coaching team. Time will be spent on this try-a-day course to talk you through appropriate clothing; making sure you are aware of what is the best for the sea conditions you are likely to encounter.

You may also want to bring garments such as swim wear, woolly hat and warm socks – even in July! Hot showers are available in the changing areas and accommodation areas so bring a spare towel.

Plastic. The time is right to highlight the devastating effect that plastic is having on our fragile marine environment. In an effort to reduce this burden we are making small steps and ask that our customers refrain from bringing plastic bags or plastic bottles on this course. Pack lunches will be provided and opportunities to fill up water bottles and flasks will be given at the start of the course.

Daily Schedule

Discover Sea Kayaking - Schedule

On arrival check in at our reception which is situated in the main entrance. You will be asked to complete a form with course and emergency contact details. A room key will be issued for residential guests and a brief outline of Centre facilities indicated.

Main timings of our day are:

Meals times

Lunch: 1230hrs. For residential guests - Breakfast: 0830hrs & Dinner: 1800hrs

All meals are served in the dining area.

Activity times. Your activity will run from 0930 – 1630hrs.

Your instructors will guide you with clothing, activity and the content of the sessions.

Residential Guests: Evenings are generally free time unless your course has specific tutelage incorporated or activities have been pre-arranged.

If you are on a single day course the 0915hrs ferry from Largs to Cumbrae will get you here in sufficient time and plan for the 1730 return crossing.


Due to the current COVID-19 situation we are not taking any course bookings at the moment. If you have any questions in the meantime please contact

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Packed lunch included.

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Please call 01475 530757.

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