British Canoeing Paddlesports Instructor

2 days

Age 16+

This course is, for some their first steps onto the coaching ladder and over 2 days we aim to blend coaching theory with coaching practice.Themes which will be developed include coaching principles, safety & rescue, session organisation, performance analysis and feedback.

We aim to develop your coaching knowledge and give you opportunities to practice coaching delivery. We will have opportunities to discuss the latest coaching ideas and help and assist you to shape the tools you require to deliver paddlesports session.

As a qualified British Canoeing Paddlesports Instructor you will be able to work as a coach under supervision. British Canoeings Paddlesports Instructor course is open to boat based and bank based coaches alike and in any discipline of paddlesport, recreational or competitive. This course will introduce you to different coaching principles and learning styles. We will develop your skills in delivering and reviewing sessions, whilst increasing your knowledge and understanding of core coaching principles.

Equipment and Kit Information

Paddlesports Instructor - Equipment Information

Paddlesports has been voted the fastest growing water-sport in the UK for the 4th year running and we are proud at sportscotland Cumbrae to be at the heart of these developments. The centre is in a perfect location for Sea Kayaking, Open Water Canoeing and Stand Up Paddle Boarding and we have a wide range of modern boats and boards from some of the UK’s leading manufactures including P&H, Peak UK & Werner Paddles.

Getting wet is unavoidable so we will make sure you have the correct gear. Peak UK wet-suit, wet-suit boots, buoyancy aid, spray deck and cag top is available for your use and can be dried overnight ready for the next day’s action. You are ofcourse welcome to use any of your own equipment, just run this past your coaching team.

In addition we would request you bring garments such as swim wear, woolly hat and warm socks – even in July! Hot showers are available in the changing areas and accommodation areas so bring a spare towel.

As this is an instructor course you may also want to bring pens, note pad and suitable wet notes. The centre has wet lecture facilities, including AV equipment, white board, flip charts and pens.

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