Plastic Free July

30 Jul
Plastic Free July

The concept of using less plastic and reusing what we have is something we should be aware of for 12 months of the year and making lifestyle changes, where possible, to ensure we tidy up our plastic usage. In watersports the impact on the sea is well recorded and monitored and in 2005 The Green Blue was launched. The Green Blue is the joint environment programme created by the British Marine Federation and Royal Yachting Association for anyone who enjoys getting out on the water or whose livelihood depends on it. It helps boat users, boating businesses, sailing clubs and training centres to reduce their impact on coastal and inland waters.

Raising awareness to the wider audience by such initiatives is crucial and further more so is our response and taking action.

With 1 more day for #PlasticFreeJuly and the continuation of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow lets ask ourselves how much plastic waste will there be in Glasgow? Having enjoyed a wonderful day out at the Games I did on the whole see a very tidy city but clear evidence of more litter than bins could cope with.

If your heading to the Games take some time to think about what you could do to make small, but significant changes. Here are some of my ideas for you:

Take a good day rucksack (small enough to fit under your seat) to store all your items & leave room for spare goodies you pick up during your day. Pop in a carrier bag looking for a second use and use it to carry your rubbish until you come across a bin. The rucksack is more comfortable than a hand held bag and leaves hands free to wave and cheer!

Take a bag for life or carrier bag from home as a spare carrying device – you can now refuse any additional bags offered to you during the day. Get one over on the marketing attempts of company logos on plastic bags – not very eco friendly company activity!

Take a travel mug &/or water bottle from home. This will save not only money, as bottled water and soft drinks are an extortionate price, but also give you a good opportunity to get chatting to the service providers and set a fine example. Make your water bottle 500ml and there are water points where you can refill.

Packed lunches are a great way to reuse plastic containers already in the home. Lakeland sell great paper sandwich bags and there are lots of ways to get a fine lunch without having to purchase unwanted packaging. The food at some locations is great, others pretty poor so be prepared and take some good wholesome food and snacks with you.

Sweet tooth? If time allows why not create some sweetness at home either in the form of home baked cakes, biscuits or sweets. Sweet wrappers are a pet hate as it seems we only wish to purchase the sweets but not the wrapper and unfortunately too many of us don’t take responsibility for the packaging element of the product!

The Two Hands Project is another current theme where using our own hands we can dispose of rubbish/items that we see being left by others or gone stray from refuse points. If you see rubbish pick it up and use either protective gloves or a hand sanitizer to ensure you feel safe from germs. I know hand sanitizer gel usually comes in a plastic bottle and the gloves are latex ….. no one said this was easy!

Good luck with your endeavours and every little action goes along way to cleaning up the planet for all those species that play no part in the manufacturing or use of plastic materials.

Enjoy your day out at the Commonwealth Games and make an effort for the 31st July!

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