Great Cumbrae Sea Kayak Race 2019

19 Aug

A big thank you and well done to all those who took part in 2019's Great Cumbrae Sea Kayak Race. Details of the results can be found below!

James MayersElite1st01:22:18
Michael SumonElite2nd01:27:34
Lizelle KempElite3rd (1st Woman)01:31:09
Calum UrquartElite4th01:32:08
Michale WildElite5th01:33:28
Kenny FraserElite6th01:33:54
Patrick WintertonElite7th01:34:02
Steven MarnellElite8th01:36:32
Les KilpatrickElite9th01:36:47
Gilbert SpiersElite10th01:36:55
Andrew MortonElite11th01:37:38
David McCormackElite12th01:38:00
Allan HunterElite13th01:40:00
Luke FurzeElite14th01:44:45
Collin CampbellTouring15th (1st Tourer)01:45:18
Dave SimpsonTouring16th (2nd Tourer)01:48:00
Andrew MullholandTouring17th (3rd Tourer)02:29:56
Tina MisselbrookTouring18th (2nd Woman)02:30:48
Robin DavisTouring19th02:31:00
Annie StobartTouring19th (3rd Woman)02:31:00
Sam AlbrowJunior1st02:30:39
Harris McNicolJunior short course1st09:23
Mark WilliamsRetired  
Mike GodwinRetired  
Fiona ClarkeRetired  
Stuart NicolsonRetired  
Suzanne ConnollyRetired  
Inness McNicolDNS  
Paul CareyDNS  
Garry RathboneDNS  
Steven WhippDNS  
Douglas WilbyDNS  

By Kirsty

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