Cumbrae's Dan achieves 3-IN-A-ROW on Clipper Race!

25 Apr
Cumbrae's Dan achieves 3-IN-A-ROW on Clipper Race!

On the 14th April, Cumbrae’s Dan Smith achieved ‘3-in-a-row’ (!) by winning the latest leg of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

Dan and his team on the ‘Derry-Londonderry-Doire’ finished Race 9 after more than 23 days at sea, following an extremely tough North Pacific Ocean crossing.

Upon arrival, skipper Dan had this to say about his 3rd consecutive win:

“It’s fantastic to be here. It has been a long, tough race with tricky weather. We are very glad to be tied up and have a crew that have done a great job.

“We have had a full mixture of weather. We had light winds to begin with, and then a lot of windy weather across the Pacific, with the wind direction changing a lot which was particularly hard.

“The other tricky thing was the temperature and it being so wet, and the amount of time people could spend on deck. We had to keep cycling the team through down below deck to warm up, with around 2 hours the maximum amount of time you could spend on deck. It was very tough on the crew.

“The strongest wind we had was about 60 knots of wind, the waves were big, although probably not the worst we have had. The seas were very confused though.

“We looked after the boat and we don’t have any big damage. There are two little things that need attending to, and a little bit of sail damage, but nothing major.

“It was a fantastic backdrop to see as we came into Seattle, with the snow on the mountains and the space needle.

After the hat trick we are in second place overall, a good place to be and heading in the right direction,” Dan added.

Arriving into Seattle
Arriving into Seattle

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