Instructor top tip - Don’t be afraid to look up!

16 May

It's easy whilst on activity to get stuck in the moment. We’ve all been there, dealing with a riding turn on a yacht's winch, or a jammed skeg on your sea kayak, simple distractions have a tendency to spiral towards unfortunate outcomes and takes your judgement away from what's happening round about you.

Poor situational awareness is a contributing factor to poor decision making. Past experience, reflective conversations and increased knowledge all contribute to good decision making. Ultimately, we need to keep our heads up to kick start this process.

If we teach ourselves the importance of looking up we will (most of the time subconsciously) notice, judge and decide on a course of action. In addition to this our ability to anticipate conditions on the water is made ever so slightly easier. 

Keep an eye on the weather from the moment you wake up. Ask yourself questions about wind direction, wind speed, & tidal flow. These questions will allow you to build mental pictures of what you expect to experience on the water. Expectation and anticipation form the bases of good seamanship and will aid our ability to be aware of what’s going on around us and ultimately lead us to make better decisions. 

Calum McNicol

Senior Instructor

By Nancy

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