Our Staff
Nancy Bunyan

Nancy is key to the smooth operation of the Cumbrae office and works closely alongside both our Instructors and the Cumbrae administration team. Nancy is a keen sportsperson herself and loves getting in to the outdoor with Skiing, sailing and cycling being at the top of her list.

Her friendly voice will point you in the right direction to find the course to suit your request. Nancy’s role has a strong focus working with group bookings and packaging together bespoke courses and events for the many different user groups that come to Cumbrae wither for school or youth groups or corporate organisations to National Governing Bodies, Nancy tailors our activities and coordinates the programme to ensure that everyone gets the very best out of their time at Cumbrae. With an eye on the full calendar of events at the centre Nancy is a very knowledgeable and reliable key team member.

As with most of our staff the daily to commute is somewhat different to the rest of the UK. Nancy will take a walk from home, weather permitting, to Largs pier where she boards the ferry. 8 minutes journey time allows the mind to switch gear and on those summer days a chance to catch a few rays on deck. Quite a contrast to the M8 or M25!

Nancy is patient and willing as she has many questions every day. The staff most common question is a request for a purchase order and generally from guests it is the curiosity of who their instructor may be. We don’t always know this in advance as it is all part of the events jigsaw that Nancy pieces together to keep the centre running smoothly on a daily basis.

Our Staff