Sea Kayak Leader Training

3 day

Age 16+

This 3 day training course combines the Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning course with the British Canoeing Sea Kayak Leader Training course. We will blend together new skills and information to help you become a competent leader in a moderate sea environment and will deliver the course in a practical way. The course will cover topics including tidal predications, leadership strategies, seamanship, personal paddling and safety and rescue techniques.

We will provide continuous feedback on your performance during the course and you will leave with a mutually agreed action plan to help you towards an assessment.

Course prerequisites

Equipment and Kit Information

As we all know water-sports in Scotland are often subject to changeable weather therefore please come prepared for hot, sunny, cold and wet conditions.

We will be entering into moderate water environmental conditions with potential of force 4 winds with tide and swell. Time should be taken to prepare your own equipment appropriate to the conditions. We will definitely be conducting rescue scenarios which may require full submersion.

Our equipment stores have a range of paddling equipment for you to use from some from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers. We stock Peak UK clothing, P&H Sea Kayaks and Werner Paddles.

As this 4 star training course is situated away from Cumbrae we ask that you identify any equipment you require from the stores at the time of booking.

Daily Schedule

Course Schedule

The training course starts at 0830hrs on the morning of your course start date. This is when you will be met by your coaching team. Time will be spent at the start of the course checking pre-requisites, logbooks and paper work.

Day 1: We kick off the course with a short classroom based session around the subjects of Weather and Tides. This session is essential learning for sea kayakers and as the course progresses we will layer on new learning to reaffirm and/or develop your our knowledge. Mid morning we will head onto the water with a session on developing personal paddling techniques. We will spend a short session before dinner reflecting on the day and covering any questions that may have come to light.

Day 2: We will start with a classroom based session on developing skills associated with planning a journey. This will be followed by a on water practical session in leadership and incident management skills. In addition to this we will test out our tidal predictions and introduce some simple navigation and environmental awareness techniques. We will finish the day with another planning exercise on our second journey.

Day 3: We will finish off the classroom based sessions and put the finishing touches to our second planning exercise. Additional time maybe spent on subjects within the Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning course that requires attention. We then head onto the water for the final day and spend time practicing incident management and rescue techniques.

We will end the course with a full personal debrief, outlining a pathway to further develop your leadership skills and the journey required to get you ready for assessment.

Note: Through out the training course your existing skills and knowledge maybe challenged. Our recommendation is to approach this course with an open mind and come prepared with questions and queries of your own. It is a great opportunity to share your experiences and build on your own personal paddling skills and knowledge.


Booking Options

No places left? No problems! We strive to offer additional places on our courses.

Please call 01475 530757 for more information.

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26 Mar '18 - 28 Mar '18 10 £325
06 Aug '18 - 08 Aug '18 10 £325
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